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Hey guys,

I just got my classic sorted, and the p38 starts acting up. It's why we need two. (it's also why my wife won't go near them). My wallet is also a bit sore form the last indy visit, so I wanted to see if I still had it in me.

The p38 (bosch) started acting up maybe a week ago. It's throwing a few codes (p300,p301, p306 p1319) however I think it needs a new set of ignition leads, maybe plugs, which is in the works, (as well a slue of other things. Rover spa this weekend).

However recently I've got a new problem, the AC only blows very hot air. Not warm, hot. There is no check book icon, and I can redirect the air without a problem (Vents, foot well, etc). As a frame of reference, it was in the 90's yesterday, and when I rolled down the window after giving up on the AC, it felt like a cool breeze.

The day before, it didn't work(very hot) till I got out on the highway(ice cold). However same trip today and, all hot.

My question is, could it be remotely related to the other problems?
Some areas to start trouble shooting? Once again, no book icon.

Thanks in advance.
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