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I am in the process of looking for a vehicle that will allow me to do my daily 30km, taking my dog sometimes with me, and give me the opportunity to spend holidays in areas of beach / bush with tents and every those things. Thats what i do.

In my head theres LAND ROVER and then the other jeeps. I write it here hoping you all understand me.

Therefore, those who have the most impact for me are the RR Classic / 300Tdi.

I also consider the Disco 300 tdi, and i know its chepear to mantain, however its not my passion, but a cleaver option i guess.

What I ask is: all those who do not mind losing 2min, with all your experience and shared passion for LR, is that you can give me some feedback on average consumption at highway / city, specific problems in these 2 models that I should expect to find and other tips that you find it important to know before you let me go without listening to reason.

Thank you all

Cheers :drink1:
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