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Ace problem

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I purchased a 2000 disco 2 a couple of months ago. It is lifted, tactical rovers front and rear bumpers, locking front, middle and rear diff. Great off road. The previous owner had the ace disconnected ( probably for better off road performance ?). I reconnected everything and when I Start moving forward, the right front lowers considerably. When I come to a stop, it levels out. If I disconnect the system ( remove the fuse). The truck rides level.
Can anyone help diagnose this problem?
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Did you do a complete fluid flush and is your Ace warning light on?
No and no. I read your post on flushing the system. Should I try that first?
Yes, if your fluid is dark or brown. Make sure to buy 4 quarts of PS fluid and have some sort of a hand pump so you can pump out the old fluid.
Thanks mike. I will give that a try this weekend and see what happens.
Ok. I flushed the ace fluid ( it was very dark brown ). Took the truck for a drive and as soon as I hit about 20mph, the front right dropped about 2". When I came to a stop, it leveled out again. No warning lights are on. ??
How many times have you driven it, and how many times has this happened?
Only driven a couple of times since the flush. Before that it happened all the time.
Anyone have a sugestion on what I should do next?
Why don't you pm me your number and lets talk Tuesday.
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