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Looking to add 3rd row jumps to a 2000 SE

#1 can it be done
#2 . other than the obvious seats.. what other parts do I need

there are a few DII's at a local bone yard all with 3rd row seats

#3 . if it can be done, what does in tale?

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I have swapped 3rd row from my 2000 to my 2002.
The interior panels (upper and lower are different
Also the fold down head rests and trim panels are also something to require picking up.
There are also bolt in brackets on the floor and plastic trim plates where the seats clip to the floor when they are down..
Also seat belts
NoteKeep in mind that rear air conditioning will change things for you greatly as the drivers side 3rd row seat is different with and without rear air.
My 2000 was a 7 seat without rear a/c and my 2002 was a 5 seater with rear a/c .
I now have a combination thing going on with 6 seats (passenger side 3rd row due to the drivers side seat being different)
So yes it can easily be done
Hope this helps
Everything should be bolt in. Some holes are tapped over, some have plastic fill plugs but they are all there

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First, if any of the trucks in the junkyard have rear air, don't bother with the left side. The mounting is very different. Also, you'll need to drill holes through the floor for the bottom seat belt bolts. There's a welded on fixed nut on the underside of the vehicle for both rear seat belts that is not there in the 5 seat models.

It can be done but it time consuming. Make sure you remove every nut and bolt. Bring baggies and label everything. Remove the upper and lower interior panels as you'll need them as well as the upper interior D pillars.
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