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Advice on preowned Land rover

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Hello all, I have owned a 2003 Disco brand new which I drove for 10 years and a 2005 LR3 which now needs to be replaced after 10 years. I'm looking at a 2004 Disco with 100,000 miles and a 2011 LR4 with 135,000. I live in SoCal and have a really good independent shop that I have always used and understand most of the pitfalls of Land Rover ownership. I haven't seen either yet but have seen the carfax report for both (no salvage titles or accidents) and they look like they've been regularly serviced but you never know until you get a close up look. If anyone has any insights to either, I welcome feedback. Actually, any advice on which to buy would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you are a business in SoCal with one to sell that's worth looking at and it can be financed, let me know.
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The LR4 will be a luxury upgrade from your current rig, and the Disco is more of an old-school off roader, but you know this having owned one. Which way I'd go depends on your priorities. If you just need something to drive around town in and use as a daily driver, I'd go for the LR4. It's going to be comfier, better to drive, faster, and probably get better fuel economy. The Disco 2 is a rough, old school, slow, thirsty, unreliable machine, and unless you either love the charm or need serious off road capability, I'd upgrade to the LR4. This is coming from a D2 owner. Yours back in the day might not have been too unreliable, but you will be spending lots of money to keep a now 18 year old Disco 2 on the road. I have over $7k into my '03 in the last 2 and a half years, not including the cost of the truck itself, and that's just parts - I do all my own labor. I'd personally steer away from a Disco 2 unless you really like that old school feel and don't mind spending the money to keep it running. I love mine, as I enjoy the charm and use it off-road frequently, but it's been a reliability nightmare. Apparently the 5.0L in the LR4, while not perfectly reliable, is a powerful, good engine, and far more modern than the ancient, unreliable, underpowered lump that powers the D2.
Thank you so much for the reply! I was actually leaning towards the LR4 but I think because I missed the look of the Disco, my heart had it in the running...LOL I don't do any off roading and it will mainly be driven on the freeways in SoCal. I had such great luck with the 4.4L in the LR3, therefore, I was a little skeptical of the 5.0L in the LR4 after reading the reviews...but I'll definitely give it a look. I was hit recently in the driver back door and rear wheel area which created some suspension issue and rather than fix the suspension and hope for the best, the repair shop said I should just sell it and look for something different. It's a real shame because overall the truck is still great (transmission, engine, etc). Hoping I can get a good price selling it to be used for parts. Thanks again, really appreciate your advice!
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Give the LR4 a look. The 4.4 is a solid engine, you could always try finding another LR3 to replace yours - shame to hear about yours. I have no experience with any LR other than the Disco, but I do know it's not what you need. For your use case, a Disco 2 doesn't make any sense, and you'd be happier in something more modern.
Also, get a second opinion on the suspension and bodywork. It could very well be that the one you went to just doesn't want to deal with fixing it.
Wow, thanks! Your advice/suggestions seem spot on. I was going to look for another LR3 if I wasn't satisfied with the LR4 and the collision shop was a high end shop. It didn't occur to me that they probably didn't want to deal with an 18 year old non collectible rover, but that makes sense. Thanks again, and I'll post how it turns out.
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I'm in southern California as well, and after a long time of debate, I'm selling my 2004 Discovery G4. I'm the original owner, with 98,000 miles and it's been well kept and my mechanic is available for any questions. It's only been serviced at the dealership and then with my private LR mechanic. It has minor cosmetic items, primarily needs a new headliner and the top coat on the roof is wearing away (the high gloss finish). Let me know if you'd like to see it, we're pricing it much lower than we could probably get on Bring Your Trailer.
Thanks for the reply! How much are you asking for the Disco?
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Hey everyone, thanks for the great advice and just wanted to post a follow up. After a very lengthy process, I ended up purchasing a 2013 Range Rover Sport HSE LUX from a BMW dealership. It has about 92,000 miles, great maintenance records and I was able to purchase an extended 3 year warranty! I just picked her up today and it's so much fun to drive. I've done my research and know that there are issues I should look out for. However, are there any services recommended before my 3 year warranty expires? Thanks for all the feedback and I'm going to hate to leave the Land Rover forum and head over to the Range Rover forum because I've gotten such great advice over the years with my Disco and LR3.
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