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After a lot of work the beast is finally running but...

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Im getting the following codes p1300, p0300, and p0340. When I rebuilt the short block I replaced the timing chain and gears could the codes im getting be related to time is there any one thing I can check?
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So, does it run, if so how good or bad.
You have 2 misfire related codes with no cylinder numbers and a Crank Position Sensor failing, did you even hook it up?
Thanks Mike, for the reply. It does run, it seems to idle pretty good then has a hesitation on acceleration and then smooths out higher in the rpm range. And yes the crank shaft position sensor is hooked up
Ok after searching around a bit I found that the CMP was not connected. Now I have p0302 and p0306
#'s 2 and 6 mis-firing, time to back track.
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