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Aftermarket Warranties?? Help!!!

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Ok I know this topic has probably been breached but I am a new owner. Who have we all found that first will warranty a rover and then 2 who has the best rates? I just got a warranty from Carchex for 125k and 6 years for my wife's z71 suburban 2011 - $3000.00. This covers the car until about 150k. The quote for the LR3 was insane. My 3 has 14950 miles and is an 08 model. Something around 4200.00 for it. Do we have A friend of the forum or any direction that can do better??

Please advise. I would like to warranty the 3 out to 100-150k and 5/6 years.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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