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I have a 2003 SE without air springs. Would it be a good idea to find a used air compressor and install and as a air tank so that I could have accessories that might need air? Or is there a better option for a regular compressor? OR does anyone know if there is a compressor that would fit in place of the ace pump, and then have a tank someone on vehicle.
Any ideas would be awesome

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Just out of curiosity, what air accessories are you looking to run? That will help you decide what equipment to get.

There have been LR guys who have used the OEM compressor to fill tires, but to have any hope of running air tools you'd need a reserve tank to store a large enough volume of air. At that point, you'd be better off using a purpose-built 12V compressor & tank system as it would likely be cheaper than the OEM version which (even used) can run $300+ for the compressor and mount, not including the tank, wiring, or air hoses.

However, even those are suited pretty much ONLY for running air horns, air lockers, or inflating tires and camping equipment. Air tools need large tanks that move lots of CFM, and those are impractical in SUV applications and the small 12V compressors typically exceed their duty cycle trying to fill them up.

Belt-run compressors do exist, but not as off-the-shelf LR parts. You'd need to fab up some pretty creative bracketry to make them work. Just keep in mind that they'll have a parasitic drain on the engine output so you'll have less power and your MPG will go down. AC compressors can be modified and converted to air compressor use, but then you lose your AC system - the drawbacks of that are pretty evident.

Realistically, a high quality 12V inflator will suit the majority of your needs. They can fill up tires from 0psi to 40psi inside of 5 minutes and don't take up much room. I just can't see having a standalone compressor/tank system in a daily driver as practical.
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