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Air Leak

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I have an 06 LR3 with about 120K miles. Noticed Suspension settling overnight to acces height. My Independent Mchanic found a leak in R Front airbag and a very small leak in L Frnt. Went ahead and had both replaced. Next morning the front was lowered but rear was not. Took it back and they found a small leak at front of Compressor. Replaced that yesterday. Came out this morning and front was lowered again. No fault lights ever came on during any of this and no codes stored. Just knew I had had a leak somewehere.

Is this really an issue or any ideas where else to look for leak or cause of front lowering?

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I see snow! :)
I just noticed my car started lowering now that it is below freezing. Maybe I have a leak too that cold is exposing more, as well, air volume shrinks when it gets colder.

Best to test is remove the fuses associated with the suspension after you park it and see if the car is leveling itself to this low using the valves, etc. or if it is a leak.

Either ways, I wouldn't be worried about small leaks, especially if you do not notice the pump going on often.

good luck...
with more research, the next thing to look at is the valve block. Seems that is causing a lot of similar issues.

JeeZues - not super concerned, just travel a lot and don't want to get caught far way and have it fail. Not a lot of shops outside of Louisville who can work on LR's in our State.
Cheap air system checks

Try yanking battery cable and leaving overnight. This will disable the auto-leveling system and keep the valves in the air system closed. Depending in findings, this will help diagnosis the problem(s).

If one corner down: possible air shock leak
If front down(or rear): possible air valve leak

I did this a couple times to find an front air block issue. I removed, opened up and cleaned and replaced. I would say 95% of my problem disappeared. Check out DSW Solutions, they have great video and this issue is well documented. :buttrock:

Now, however, have issue with the rear :bawling: and when I went to remove my rear tire for better access I broke the tire iron. That's right - totally bent the lug nut attachment. The dDealer where I bought the car used over torqued the tires. Now I have a slightly larger project. I'll be busy over T'Day weekend addressing this, fixing squeeky brakes and cleaning the air filter, mass flow sensor and throttle body.

Btw: I have 2008 LR3 HSE w 70k miles
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