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Air Suspension conversion questions...

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So now that I have 2 nearly identical '95 LWB's it's interesting to see the differences between the original Air suspension on the one I bought, and the converted suspension on the one I had. The air suspension is neat (and the gal JUST had a new EAS computer put in less than 3 months ago)... but.. coming back into the parking lot and finding it down all the way just looks weird..

So I think I will convert to coils soon... any suggestions? The one I have that was converted before I bought it, has Bilsteins and seems to work well. Any recommendations on which shock/spring packages to go with? The ROver will not have a winch, and I will probably do some off roading from time to time, nothing major. Any suggestions would be appreciated...

Also if anyone has done this themselves, give me an idea of time involved to swap it all out. What would a shop charge for the labor (roughly)?

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Serg: Why not live with the EAS for a while? No need spending the $ until you need to right? From what I have heard about your new girl she has had all the work done so you should be good to go until something breaks! "If it 'aint broke..."

Mine has the bilsteins, I have heard wonderful things about the OME too. Bilstein have a lifetime warranty too! I also started a new thread about shoks/springs you might want to check out the replies when they come in.
If you do strip it out I'll bet you could recoup some of the cost from and eBay sale.
Yeah I am going to hold off until the rear air springs take a total crap.. they have some cracks and the dealer she took it to to repalce the EAS estimated there was 15k miles left on em... and I will sell the nearly new EAS computer and other bits for sure..

Serg-if your only complaint is about the way it sits when you come out of a store, you can simply rig a switch off from any one of your door / hood / tailgate contact switches (the ones that turn your interior lights on when you open the door) and turn it on when you leave the car. This freezes the air suspension in high profile, if you like. The int. lights will shut off after ten minutes automatically.
Like the old man said

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
It the EAS is working, why fix? enjoy until it sags on you. Then if only air bag issue, why not just replace the air bag?
I like the fact that my rover has the EAS. It is nice feature for urban road cruising. I guess if you are intending to do lots of off roading, that kind of make sense, but according to the, air bag is easier to replace than the conventional spring in case it breaks during off road....
troverman... yeah that's a thought... anyhow, I am still trying to decide what to do with it.. not sure....

I would recommend going to and taking a look at our conversion kits. these convert you from the airbag to a powder coated American made steel coil spring that is guaranteed to last the life of the car. This is a PERMANENT fix. I added the link below so you can check it out.

Land Rover Suspension Parts & Kits | "Fix Your Land Rover Air Suspension"

I hope I was of some help

Good Luck!!!
Another Zombie thread turned loose on the Forum.

This thread died 4 + years ago......
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