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Air Suspension Fault ** SOLVED***

UPDATE : Simple problem, One of the hoses attached to the compressor had detached. Glue and brute force, and all is as it should be......

HI Guys,

I am hoping some of you might be able to adivse/ share experiences on yet another problem I am facing with my LR3. First: I have searched both the forums but also the interwebs trying to find some info on my problem :

earlier today I returned to the "truck" after being parked in a level mall parking lot for about 25 minutes. When I fired up the truck I noticed the compressor kicking in as usual but the sound was a bit different; it was quieter than normal. As soon as I entered the truck I heard a loud sound of compressed air being released, the exact sound you hear when you disconnect a rubber hose with quick connect from a mid-size air compressor seen in garages. 15 seconds later the Suspension Fault warning light came on (orange) followed by the dash warning (text and icon of manual).

I have turned off the engine and started it a few times...same result. There is no visible loss in ride height, which remains in standard. The adjustment options (access and off road) are not functioning.

I wanted to get some advise before I take it into the dealership and bleed $1500 on parts/ work that I might not need. 3 weeks ago the engine dumped all coolant and overheated ( managed to shut it off right away). The Land Rover Dealership quoted $865 for labour and parts claiming a list of issues. I had it towed to a small 2 bay 3 guy garage that has a Brit Mechanic with years of Land Rover wrenching experience. He charged me $14 for a pressure valve that was cracked and $30 in time....I dropped off a case of beer later.

Any ideas? Suggestions? where should I look to search for potential visible causes (popped hose etc?).

I appreciate your time...

Vancouver Canada
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