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I have read all the earlier posts, understand the system and have a diagnostic tool to read error messages. I am committed to having working EAS. Spring advocates need not reply.

I have replaced air bags and sensors with new parts, and the ECU with a used part.

After resealing the valve block, the suspension came up to ride height immediately and worked fine around town. i did not check if the up and down worked.

After driving over 55 mph for around 5 minutes, the suspension slowly dropped to the bump stops. Error message was "Exhaust value permanently closed." I cleared the error, but the suspension stayed on the bump stops on restarting. Would not respond to the up or down buttons.

I checked again and no errors were found. I cleared again and still on the bump stops. After a few minutes driving the suspension came up again, but then dropped again to the bump stops after driving over 55 mph.

Stopped, checked again, no error messages, cleared again. This time left side came up, right side still down.

No error messages. Drove with a list to starboard for maybe five minutes, below 55 mph, and it eventually leveled out.

I got the "Exhaust valve permanently closed" only once. Clearing the error did not allow the suspension to reflate.

Would appreciate what gremlin to look for next.

New information: On start up top and bottom lights illuminated. Believe that indicates a soft fault. New error message: "Pressure sensor not changing state. Always on." Never seen that one before.

Cleared the fault. Suspension come back to normal but do notice light on the down button blinks for a very long time when suspension lowered which I believe indicates compressor still running which supports weak compressor.

All suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest checking the ECU....if you can open it up and see if the inside is clean....never opened one up so not sure if it's like the seat ECU. It's worth a try...also I would suggest to have your compressor rebuilt ..( not sure if you've done that already)...on the sensors make sure the connections are clean and bright.
That's all for now....I'm heavily thinking about going back to air suspension.
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