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Alignment question for lifted LR3

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So I'm planning on buying a IID tool. If I program the suspension for a lift should I get the alignment done with the air suspension set to the lift height? I read somewhere there is a "tight tolerance mode" for a dealer service alignment. I would think I would want the suspension set at the height I will be running the vehicle on a daily basis but maybe the increased ride height won't effect the alignment. Don't know for sure. I just purchased new tires and the vehicle was pulling to the right before I had them installed and I don't want to wear out the tires.
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You absolutely want to get a wheel alignment after changing the ride height with your IID tool if you plan on driving it at that height full time.

Those new tires won't last long without proper wheel alignment. Tight Tolerance mode is popular in the UK but my shop here doesn't use it when doing wheel alignment, however, I wish they would as accuracy is everything.
Yes you will need an alignment after setting a new ride height. I worked closely with the alignment shop when mine was done. We took measurements at each wheel well to center of wheel before we began and closely monitored if the suspension sagged or re-leveled during the alignment.

Also you will want to verify the control arm bushings and ball joints before beginning the alignment. Those must be repaired first.
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