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Hi, garland...sounds like, just kidding
i noticed in another post about your off road trip, and you mentioned that it shakes at 60 and above
Are you sure the alignment is out? your steering wheel still straight when you go down the road, and is the car pulling left or right(when it didn't before?)

If the only issue you have is a vibration, my guess would be you may have mud built up on the inside of the front wheels. This is fairly common after a romp in the mud. It's also possible you lost some wheel weights(also common)

I would look to see if any mud is built up on the inside of the wheels, and if it is, just blow it outta there with a garden hose.
If no mud, then it's possible you just need the front tires rebalanced.

if this isn't the problem, post back...will try to help more :)

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On a Disco I would check your front drive shaft just to be safe. If you don't notice the vibration until 60mph you're probably ok but front shaft has a habit of going @ 60k. I think there's like a whole club of Disco drivers w/ blown drive shafts between 60-65k (I'm a member,,,)
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