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I have a 95 SWB but I'm a greedy little guy and decided to buy a 94 LWB and have 2 rangies. Picked up the Lwb yesterday and decided to fix the blower motor resistor today.

Pulled the vent grill off the cowl, (don't know why anyone would torture themselves by removing the dash etc) cut old resistor out, cut and spliced wires to new resistor...... Turned fan on in ac mode, and holly crap it works. Switched to defrost and fuse blows. Try again, works in ac mode, but the minute you slide the lever to the right pop goes the fuse.

Screw around with the controls put new fuse in........ Everything is working.......wait, what is that smell? Hmm smells like electrical fire. Hmm, why is there smoke comming out of the vents? Holly ****! I peek in the grill on the cowl and there is an actual fire. Grab extinguisher put it out. Top dash is toast.

I guess I get to rip the whole dash out now. Mind you, as I'm doings this the whole sorrel brow interior is covered in extinguisher dust. I'm also swearing and mumbling to my self and cursing the truck. What a holly nightmare of a mess. The blower was completely melted. The only wire that was compromised was the feed to the security led.

The truck had been sitting since February. My initial fear was that I needed to get this thing on the road ASAP before mice made a home in it as they like to do that here in the Hamptons. A good friend of mine had to total an Audi a6 because the mice destroyed the electrical. When I ripped the blower/heater core housing out, you could see a nest inside the blower. Guess I found he problem.

I hope no one ever has to do this job as it is an amazing pain in the ass. I would rather install a tranny in the middle of the desert.
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@dereyk: I still have to do that exact job but I'm taking my rover to a shop because if i try it, I will surely burn it to the ground..... Glad it worked out for you and didn't burn anything

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I've done this I feel for you!
In terms of the guys better get some cats out there!
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