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Hey Everybody, First this is a great site!!! I've learned a lot already, I'm still trying to figure out all the names of these rovers, any ideas on a book that explains what SE means or all the nick names? Ok, after my last post I had a great reply on what to get as my first rover. I mainly fish and duck hunt and tow a small duck boat and small fishing skiff, Off road to me is a bad dirt road. I was told I should probably get a disco ll, it looks like the 04's are the best? so I have a little mechanical ability and have a buddy who is a class A auto and truck mechanic. It looks like after scouring craigs list I can do real well if I want to do a head gasket. I'm looking at rovers I can get with around a 100,000 miles in great shape body wise and interior for about $1500 and 2 or 3 all say the same thing, head gasket! they say they are getting quotes for 2 to 3 thousand bucks from dealers and garages. My buddy says he will supervise and let me use his tools to do the job. Any thoughts on doing a head gasket job? Should I steer clear? Most of these people I have spoken with are yuppies that have never driven off road. THOUGHTS? LOL
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