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Here is the email I received from the mechanic who did the pre-purchase inspection. One challenge is that this is the only 2001 LR Discovery II SE for sale on Maui. It has 87,000 miles on it. So, either I buy this and have it fixed up; or I buy what everyone else has i.e., a 4Runner, an F.150 or a jeep. My first impression is that this LR has been neglected, but maybe these issues are standard for a Disco? What do you guys think (bonus if anyone knows what the error codes at the end mean). Thanks.

We did the car inspection this morning

Here are the things that we found and some prices to start

The car has ACE and no central diff. lock

valve cover gasket parts $70 labor $650
intake manifold gasket upper parts 54 labor $700 and if we need to do lower add $180 on labor
power steering hoses coming form the reservoir (total of 4) need to be replace I only found 2 of them, the other ones I need to get them from the dealer parts $140 labor $230
gear box leaking ??? first need to fix the p/s hoses and wash area
rear main seal leaking ??? first need to fix valve cover gasket and intake leak then clean area and test drive
2 cooling hoses need to be replace ( not very expensive ones)
the ACE system is leaking on the front right tire. No idea on price on parts, need to get them form the dealer
Muffler not in good shape
front upper and lower ball joints are in bad shape parts $172 Labor $901 , I try to look for a control arm to replace and could not find one after market to save money...
tie rod ends parts $364 labor $368
rear control arm bushing x4 parts $172 labor $300
front bumper small damage
needs cooling flush $235 + coolant, brake flush $130, P/s flush $130 + fuid and oil change

some parts we need to remove them and search for the part number to give you a price or get them from the dealer but they are way more expensive.

p1482 need to do trouble shooting by the hr $92
p1000,p1417,p0441 all related to a air issue on the engine, 1st step will be to do a smoke test for vaccum leaks labor $150 and then go form there.

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This is going to be a long conversation, send me your number, I have free long distance, and I'll call you right back.

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I just PM'ed him, haven't heard anything but know he is getting screwed with mis-information.
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