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Ok, first off, I don't know what I'm doing, but that's why I'm asking questions so hopefully this isn't too stupid.

This is my understanding of the best way to flush the dexcool out and replace with new coolant.

1. Drain dexcool out of lower radiator hose.
2. Fill with water until fluid comes out of the bleed hole.
3. Replace cap and bleed screw and run engine for two to three minutes until the temp gauge reads about half way. Then turn engine off.
4. allow engine to cool, drain, and repeat above steps.
5. Fill with new coolant mixture until fluid comes out of the bleed. Replace bleed screw and fill to the full level on the reservoir.
6. Run car and top off when necessary.

Am I missing anything? Thanks!

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Nearly right.
Use distilled water, not tap water, only let it idle for a minute between drains and use 100% coolant and distilled water when finishing.
It it were mine, I would also install a new 180 degree t/stat and a new pressure cap at the same time.
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