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Am I just S.O.L with 19in wheels???

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Hey All!

I am new to the Land Rover world, I recently purchased a 2010 LR4. I am thinking about upgrading the height sensor rods to gain just a bit more ground clearance and add bigger tires.

After a bit a research it appears that no company makes A/T or Mud tires to fit a 19in wheel. Am I correct? I would like to run a 32" ish tire and it doesn't seem possible with my stock wheel.

I am not looking to break the bank on wheels so I was wondering if other model Rover stock wheels like in the 18" or 20" sizes would fit my LR4??? If not, what are some suggestions on reasonably priced wheels that offer me some choices in tires.

Thanks all.
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There just aren't any oversized AT/MT tires for 19's. I plan on getting low profile street tires for my LR3 19's then getting some steelies in 18" to run off road times. I might even try 17" and shave my brakes to make them fit. But people say this can't be done.
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