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On UK vehicles, the sidelight (the white one) is on top, and the indicator (amber) is on the bottom. That is the way it has always been because those are the rules. In the US, it seems that the rules require bigger indicators (hence the big out-sized amber lenses I've seen on USA Series IIIs), with the white lights at the bottom. I can't speak for Australia, but basically Land Rover changed the lights around a lot to fit the different markets (that's why the lights moved from the grille panel to the wings in the late 1960s).

The official Land Rover model name for your 3-door is a 'Hard Top', with the Australia-spec non-sliding windows. The 5-door version with the 12 seats, Safari Roof, bigger sliding windows, full interior trim etc. etc. is the 'Station Wagon' (and had a little badge on the back saying so). Likewise, 3-doors fitted with canvas hoods are called 'Soft Tops' and those fitted with the little pick-up truck roof over the front seats is a 'Truck Cab'. Those are the 4 basic styles (also available on 88-inch models), but of course being Land Rover there are infinite numbers of special builds and variations. My 1982 brochure for the Series III lists 36 (!!! :eek: ) variations.

I can't think of anywhere that would give you a break down of what types were built. If Aus. is anything like the UK, it wouldn't be much good because every owner would switch the bodystyle around anyway to meet their individual needs. In the UK, the most common are the Hard Tops (because of all the rain), but many Land Rovers have a Soft Top kit tucked away in the garage for the summer months.

Nice Land Rover- I've always liked that yellow colour (not a UK-standard one). :clap:

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