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Ambient/External temp sensor

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Had an issue with the thermostat recently and had it replaced at the dealership, ever since then the external temp sensor has not worked. I replaced the sensor myself with a brand new one, luckily they are manufactured right here in my home town. But still no read out on the gage cluster, just displays ---F. Any help here would be appreciated.
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more info

I would like to know what fuse is linked to the sensor and where the ATC is located so I can check pin out 15 which is for said sensor.
In addition

Also, if anyone is curious, this sensor is located behind the bottom cross-member, left hand side, running across the front of the radiator. The slot just above the front license plate(NOT THE GRILL), it is a tight squeeze to get your hand back there because you can not see it visually. But it is there.
Nailed IT!!

Found some chewed wires back behind the left fog lamp which is where the Ambient Air Temp Sensor plugs into, was a pain in the ass, but once I figured out how to get to them, after I had the entire front end of the truck torn off, I seen I could go through the left fog lamp to get at it......well....lesson learned. Again, the actual sensor itself is located in front of the radiator, I am referring to the plug behind the left fog lamp.
Thanks for the info!!

Glad you found your issue.
I added a photo gallery so you can see how I was able to do this.
Thanks, that's always helpful.

I noted on the last picture, there is a lot of tension on the wire. If you haven't done so already, maybe you can use a zip tie on that look to fasten the harness and take the pull out of that wire.
That is not the temp sensor, but in that picture, I had pulled that bundle of wires back to maybe get a picture of the temp sensor plug but unfortunately it is not visible in that picture, It is under that bundle of wires.
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