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The 2003 is sorted out rebuilt the front driveshaft. Balanced the wheels. Oil changed to Rotella, AC evacuated and recharged with a shot of oil.

the last ses was 441 so I swapped the cracked air box and MAF housing for the good one in the 2000. I swapped gas caps, 2000 was factory 2003 was slant looked newer.

I need drive cycles to get through emissions so I used it to take my kid to his high school this morning.

I pop in the scanner once I drop him off and it pulls 1171/1174. Cars running good, idles good. I clear it and decide to take surface streets home watching the af. It’s lean, pull over into a target and discover previous owner had used silicone caulking to repair a sheared off sia port off the intact piping. Duct taped limped me home with no codes. Looks like the 2000 will sacrifice another part
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