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I bought mine about 7 years ago, A cut down 90 chassis (to 90"!) with a lightweight body, RR 3.5 + T727 trans. I reconned the gearbox, and slightly upgraded the motor to 4.6 stage 1 - 2. Weber 4bbl carb, Piper cam, polished crank and rods, cloyes timing, mallory DP diz and a few other bits. Pushes about 250hp/300ft lbs. 65/105/off clock! The motor has just started a bit of top end rattle, so will be coming out soon and upgrading a bit. I reckon a weiand or something similar on top should give 350hp or so. Fuel consumption? ha! I got 20mpg once, but was bored shitless! (can I say shitless on here?) :eek: ;)
Can't post a pic as I can't be arsed to set up a photoisland account - sorry!
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