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Another Knock Thread

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Hi guys,

I have a 2004 S with 100,000 miles on it.

I know there have been tons of engine knock posts but hopefully you'll respond to this one.

My engine gets a knock once it reaches about 195 degrees. The knock sounds like its coming from the bottom half of the engine / underneath the car. It is multiple times every second but it wont always be the same loudness. It definitely increases its speed as I accelerate also.

If it were a slipped liner, would it always be one consistent knock? Mine seems to change its tempo and loudness.

Thanks for your time!
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Get a length of hose or a mechanic stethoscope to to see if you can narrow it down a bit. I like the hose because its longer. Place the open end to your ear and probe around under there to find where it seems louder. Really a more common problem is lifter/valve train tap or a fuel related pinging.

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