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Good day, all.

I'm a long-time owner of older Mitsubishi Monteros, but have been considering trying my hand at a Rover Discovery.

My wife and I have no need for a van any longer, but we still need something to drag our camper with (just a pop-up; no large load).

I've always like the look of the Discovery...always. Still, I've shied away from them fearing electrical gremlins, etc. I realize some of what I hear is just so much tripe, but there's probably a grain of truth in there somewhere, too.

Set me straight.

Thanks much.

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Mine was a battle to get all the known issues sorted out...cooling system, fluids, front driveshaft, powersteering and some other P.O. problems. Now I couldn't dream up a better 4x4...maybe if it came with 35's stock.:D I like the towing ability of it, although its not the best thing to constantly work a vehicle whose parts have to be ordered on the internet, that alone could be a deciding availability.
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