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Another Successful Headliner Remodel

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I know there's plenty of these so I'll be quick:) Took about an 1 and 1/2 to remove, used a kitchen scrub brush to clean off the gunk, painted it, and back in the car the next morning! So happy with how it turned out!


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It does look nice, how is the finish?
Also like the headrest t.v monitors ��

Thanks guys! you know I am very impressed with the finish I spent a good chunk of time getting the headliner free of adhesive. I would definitely advise doing it if you have sagging fabric. Forgot how much I love the tall ceiling :)

Was quoted $700.00 and I did for $7.00
Looks Great !!

I did notice that the Map Pocket Netting was sagging in the picture you provided.

Before you re-Install the map pocket netting you can pull the elastic cord tighter and simply tie a knot in the cord and cut off the access and it will look like new again.

If I can help any of you in any way with your headliner or Sunroof questions please let me know, I'm here to help you through the process just for asking. Bill
Looks good! Probably a near by project for me as well.
What kind of paint did you use?

I just used a simple rattle can. Cheap and clean :)
I just bought some giraffe print fabric, I saw a guy do it a few years ago. I'm doing mine tomorrow. Ill post pics. How'd you get it down? Was it a pain?

Hey Dane! just takes being diligent. Make sure you don't snap the board as you take it out, but you should do just fine! giraffe print huh? yikes.... Well, let us know how it goes :)
Denatured alcohol and a rag are the best tools for removing the headliner adhesive.

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