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Any 4.0L Engine Experts on this?

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Just recently noticed a spike in oil consumption on my 95 4.0SE. It has 140k on it, and runs great. Up until now it has been getting 1700-2000 miles before going down a quart, which is pretty good for the miles on a Rover V8. No it is cut in half, 1 qt every 900 miles or so. No leaks. In addition, it seems to be going through a little coolant. On two occasions there has been a fairly large coolant puddle under the truck after it is parked for awhile; but other times it doesn't even have a drip. So when adding oil I noticed there was clear water (condensation?) in the top part of the cap, not to much, but I could actually pour it out and it dribbled on the ground. Additionally, I noticed some of the milky mayonaise stuff in the PCV hose on the drivers side going into the air intake. The oil on the stick is very clean, and no pressure (besides the little that is normal) is building up in the coolant tank. Plus, the coolant smells entirely like coolant, no trace of exhaust gasses. Is some of the milky mayo gunk normal? I cleaned out best as I can. I know a clogged PCV can really cause the engine to use more oil, but how about coolant? It doesn't vapor much out the tailpipe; it only does when its warming up. Is there some type of flame trap or mesh to clean like on the Classic / 3.9L engine? I noticed both hoses wer mushy soft, I ordered new ones which will be put on this Friday. Is this good, bad, or catastrophic?
I have a line on a 4.0L engine with 50k on it from a 96 Disco. I can get the complete engine for between $500-600 dollars. The question is, will this engine just "plug and play" if installed into the Range Rover? Computer issues, etc?
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hey mathew, is the head gaskets something I'd be able to do myself? I've done all other maintenance on my cars, ie...plugs, wires, oil and tranny fluid/filter changes, diff's, but haven't gotten into the engine itself before.
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