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My initial feeling is it is not the clutch, as I would have to be out of balance (and very badly, I think) to produce a vibration. So I would be thinking an injector issue.

Just to be on the safe side I would put a can of injector clean in the tank and see if that makes a change. It may be a coincidence.

Check your parts list for the clutch job. Did they replace both the pressure plate and the disk? Did they machine the flywheel?

You need to try and isolate the vibration more; things it would be handy to know are;
1. Is it worse/present/better under acceleration
2. Is it worse/present/better under overrun
3. Is it worse/present/better maintaining 30 mph
4. Is it worse/present/better maintaining50 mph
5. Any vibration/jerkiness changing gear
6. Is it the same in High/low ratio.

What you are trying to do here is isolate the vibration in relation to engine load, RPM and drive train speed. The answers to these questions may not provide an answer, but might help to isolate it more

Hope it helps

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