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I have the same on my '96 300TDi. Its got 104K on the clock and has just had the cam-belt done after stripping the teeth and bending the push-rods. On the test drive after doing the belt I noticed that the vibration/miss-fire had gone! (mine was about 2500 - 3000 Rpm).I was dead chuffed and put it down to the pump timing being out a little (i had to do some messing with pulleys etc to get it right).

However, 2 days later it came back and is there just as bad as it was......

Mine's engine realeted as yours and can be felt through the accelerator pedal. I'm at a loss to diagnose it at present, but injector cleaner may be a good way to check yours and do the engine some good at the same time....

I've laso heard that if the small metal tab that joins the inner and outer wings just behind the indicators (its the phillips head screw you can see at the top of the bumper end cap) corrodes and snaps (as they are prone to do by virtue of their postition) then it can allow the wing to 'drone' in time with the engine......... Just pop out the indicator unit and have a look in the gap (you cant see from under the arch 'cos its covered by a plastic liner thing) Might be worth a look.

I'd definatly try the injector cleaner though........

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