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Anyone have these wheels?

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looking to mount 255/85 r 16 tires on these rims. Will they work for an 04' discovery?
VENTED 16X8" WHEEL DISCOVERY II SATIN BLACK, RNA5004 - Rovers North - Classic Land Rover Parts

Also will they mount on the rear tire holder?


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They will work not sure why you would want the 8" wide rim though.
i have those tires - mounted to stock 5 spoke RRC rims on an RRC. I have substantial lift and mods to accomplish this. You will have more to do than me to make that happen on a disco II
the truck will be lifted, looking for black steel wheels to replace the 18" stock wheels. Never owned a rover before, so not positive on the measurements needed for backspacing so fourth. came from jeeps, and european cars.

If there is better place to source them then please point me in that direction
You can fit any defender, RRC, or disco wheel to a disco II. I would look in the second hand market for black 3 spoke stock defender wheels... but thats just a personal preference. I forget the exact bolt pattern but it is rare, making new black wheels besides the steelies you see on rover's north or atlantic british, expensive.

When putting 33s or larger on a disco, you have think about a few other mods to go along with your lift, which could include any or all of the following, new HD driveshafts, extended brake lines, wheel spacers and some fender cutting. On a disco depending how you do it, you will almost most definitely have to fit wheel spacers, and do fender cutting.

Lifting Rovers beyond 2" is not for the light wallet :)

I have the 255X85X16 BFG Mud Terrain. They are narrow, and fit nicely on the stock rim, though, I needed wheel spacers to achieve no rub... I do have an RRC so my fitment is different, but I did - 5" spring lift, extended SS brake lines, Front and Rear double cardon drive shafts, castor corrected radius and trailing arms, some minor cutting on my spoiler, the wheel spacers... and i think thats it. Do some research and see what you want to fit.

Good luck, take pics!
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Grnole is incorrect, on a Discovery II you can only fit Discovery II, P38 Range Rover and post 1998 Defender Rims(not sold in the USA).

The RRC and Disco 1 wheels are a different lug pattern.

I prefer Lucky8 LLC for my rover parts, fast shipping good prices and the best customer service.

Lucky8 Llc. - Take the road less traveled...
oops! well i tried...
No worries that's how we all learn :D
Anyone have a set of 5 steel wheels?
Mine came off a 2008 supercharged range rover. Got to drive it around the block. I figured I might get lucky if I showed in the beater disco he'd feel sorry for a poor man. He did and offered.

He bought the wheels while he was waiting on a stock land rover replacement after one cracked. (I heard it was common that year) I paid 500$ for his temporary after the LR OE came in. Rich people wasting money can be cool as **** sometimes. Better than from a crack head...anyways

I'll offer this I found on an eBay chart somehow through Google. I double checked it. Please note wheel patterns say nothing for hub size. Some rims will require hub centric rings to stay true. My hub holes on rims are bigger than where its supposed to seat but I've made it 35k mi on them.

5 x 4.75 (same as 5 x 120)

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This is a thing that pays to research. I'm looking for a set of 17" rims ifn you run across some. Honda ridgline trucks have the same bolt pattern 5x120.....keep looking
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