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Hey everyone! My plans of hitting the trails this week got derailed, so I decided to look back through some pics of my first off road adventure with my 2007 Range Rover Sport S/C.

So far it's stock other than 265/50/20 Nitto Terra Grappler tires, and a resonator delete. The RR's off road performance exceeded all expectations, and the GF and I are planning out next year's vacation trip to Colorado and Utah!

I only had 2-3 hours to explore, so not very many shots.. Brought my mother along and she did a fantastic job guiding me through some rock pits that I slid down into :)

Trails are located in the Nicolet National Forest near Lakewood, Wisconsin. Commonly referred to as The Pipeline.

I now have a roof rack to haul my get-unstuck-goodies like the traction boards, come-along, extra tow straps, shovel, and saw. Those will be going on tomorrow :)
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