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I'm planning out and collecting parts for my 1951 Series 1 80".

The end result I'm looking for is a cross between a lightweight trialer and a winch challenge 90.

With this in mind I want to keep the front end as light as possible, are any of you guys running a centre mounted winch? I have seen a few on the Ibex and Unimogs etc and have even seen some improvised versions on tube buggies.

They do not seem to be particularly popular with the European winch challenge crowd in smaller trucks such as 90s though, a front/rear winch is preferred. But I am pretty anal about weight, especially in a 80".

This project is in the early planning stage and it will be probably quite some time into the future until the grinder hits the metal. But I am a believer in planning ahead (as much as possible, design details tend to be 'fluid' once underway in my experience) and I would appreciate any input you can offer.

Cheers, Matt.
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