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For those that are unfamiliar with the fine gentlemen at SafariHP, they are a top notch vendor and restoration shop.

They have a long standing history in the community. I have picked up parts from them in the past and have never had a bad transaction. So don't let the low post count scare you off. They are a part of the Land Rover community.

If I end up with that series tomorrow I'll certainly be calling.

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Hi Safarihp,
I think that I am buying a '70 Series 2A later this week. I will be contacting you as soon as I determine what parts I will need for it first. I ran a '64 2a for around 5 years, so am know my way around the beast fairly well.
Best Regards,
Bill Snyder
Lewisberry Pa.

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I have a 1968 series 2a 109 6 cyl pickup that I'm working on. I have attached a list of items that I'm looking for
.• Body
o 5” Sill brackets
o Tail gate hardware
 Anchor Bracket - Tailgate Chain
 Tailgate Chain Ref: MTC1827
 Sleeve - Tail Gate Chain Ref: 330422
 Clevis Pin Ref: 302828
 Tailgate Hook RH Ref: 332445
 Tailgate Hook LH Ref: 332446
 Eye - Tailgate Latch Ref: LR016431
 Cotter – Antiluce Ref: MUC8748

o Screens for bulkhead vents
o Transmission Hand brake handle
o ¾ hood and sticks
o Door handle with lock
o Rear Body Tub Lamp Covers 330204 330205 MRC2244 MRC2245
o Rear light Lucas L692 red qty 2
o Rear light Lucas L691 amber qty 2
o Rear bed seats
o D-shaped turn buckle. Part #334525 . Qty 2
o Hinge for Locker Lids. 303875
o Axle straps
o Spring gusset
o Bulkhead outrigger
o Windscreen Wiper Motor Park
o 332647 Bonnet to Bulkhead Buffer Rubbers
o Steering Damper Bracket Ref: NRC4657

• Engine
o Radiator

• Future Upgrades
o Towing 'D' Ring 242139
o Swivel kits
o Parabolic springs
o Old EMU Shocks
o Steering dampener
o Light covers
o Mud flaps
o Frame replacement
o Wire harness

Door rubber R $60
1x MRC5740 Sealing Rubber
x1 395598 Sealing Rubber
1x 395670 Sealing Rubber
1x 395672 Sealing Rubber
1x 395673 Sealing Rubber
1x 395674 Sealing Rubber
50x 78248 Pop Rivet 35mm

Door rubber L $60
1x MRC5741 Sealing Rubber
x1 395599 Sealing Rubber
1x 395671 Sealing Rubber
1x 395672 Sealing Rubber
1x 395673 Sealing Rubber
1x 395674 Sealing Rubber
50x 78248 Pop Rivet 35mm

Tailgate seal $40
2x 337290 Tailboard Seal
x1 303975 Sealing Rubber
4x 332146G Tailboard Buffer
4x SE104121L Screw
4x NH104041L Nut
4x WA104001L Washer

Window Channel suitable for 1 Front Door Top $5
Door Top Aluminium Glazing Kit $7.25
Rubber Seal - door top to bottom $1.8
Door Rubber - front bottom seal MRC5740 $9.6
Door Rubber - front door one-piece seal RH $15.14
Door Rubber - front door one-piece seal LH $15.14

Window Channel suitable for Truck Cab Sliding Window $15

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