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At what milage or years are you changing your Trans Fluid LR3??

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How many have change the Transmission fluid on LR3 before 85K?
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not me. Our 08's have 39k and 42k on them and I just did front and rear diff, tcase, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant flush on both but have been advised I can wait on the trans. I was planning to do it at 75k or a few years from now based on some friends who have a lot more knowledge than me, one of whom is a Rover tech.
I think the accepted wisdom is that given the small volumes of fluid in the differentials and the transfer case, that's where to focus the money on changing earlier and more often. Although the transmission isn't really "lifetime" a number of shops I have spoken to say wait until 120-150K. Not the question you were asking directly but...
Just came up on 95K and changed our 2006 as preventative cheap insurance. ZF who manufactures the Transmissions for the LR3 just released a Service Bulletin this year stating they recommend changing the fluid at 60K, furthermore stating that the car manufacturers estimates are NOT realistic, and should NOT be followed.

As far as I am concerned, the considering ZF manufactures not only the transmissions for Land Rover, but also the fluid that is required, I had NO problem spending the $400 at the dealer to have the fluid exchange completed on an 8 year old truck, at the CORRECT interval. I also have peace of mind that I won't be replacing our transmission anytime soon.
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Hi tlt,
is your transmission ruined or slipping because you waited till 95K to change the fluid.
What did the fluid look like?
Did you have the fluid tested to see in what condition the fluid or the tranny was is in?
How many miles does your LR3 has now from when you changed the fluid?
Hi tlt,
Which metal pan with a changeable filter did you use?
Would like to use the same,
In LA now after crossing country for the 3rd time.
Made some calls to the better known LR indy mechanics in the LA area and also the LR dealerships and no one wants to change to Trans fluid or touch it. :dunno:
One indy shop that has a great reputation says that every time they changed it the trans wont work, so they stopped servicing them there.
Metal Sump Filter kit for under $120

Hey Safari Dave I got my metal filter kit for $120.

This metal sump transmission kit is identical to the zf filter kit except its made by a company called alto here in the us. All for under $120. It includes the separate filter, all screws, gasket.

I got my zf oil from Atlantic British for under $20 on sale. 6 quarts.


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According to ZF... ok, ok, they can't possibly know what they're talking about.

Can somebody do something about the lucas banner?

There is NO NEED to throw shade when someone is trying to relay valuable information direct from the manufacturer to actually HELP the people on this forum. I guess you would prefer us to be silent?

Good luck on the transmission, ours runs like new and just got a 100% health report from the DEALER which is hard to do!
ZF just issued a statement in 2013 regarding milage and transmissions. I follow their reccomendations not the make trying to sell low maintenance vehicles

Google it yourself I don't have the time to circle with you. Anyone that argues preventative maintenance based on manufacturers recommendations is an idiot.

Was offering knowledge to help people not to argue a point


QUOTE=tlt;579601]Sorry Kman, I think your mistaking a bit of humor for shade. Sorry if you were offended.

ZF Is the manufacturer, not LR..

Straight from the horse's mouth:

May 31, 2011

Thank you for contacting ZF Service North America in regards to your 2005 Jaguar. Oil service questions are by far the most common inquiry received since the start of our life time oil fill. ZF fluid if of very high quality and capable of life time service in most applications. To address this I have attached a letter written to our distributers regarding oil service. I believe this will address your questions but feel free to respond if something is left unanswered.

If I'm correct the noise you are referring to occurred during the 3-4 / 4-3 shift and was due to the clutch plates humming during apply. Your dealer drained 1 liter of fluid and replaced it with a liter of fluid containing additives to eliminate the noise. This was due to clutch plates humming during apply and was not a wear concern.

The bump from behind at stops may be due to normal internal wear combined with programming not accounting for this wear. I recommend contacting your Jaguar dealer to see if any updates are available to address this. While some independent service centers claim they have the ability to update software only your Jaguar dealer has access to factory support as well as ZF support where all problems are researched. If a fix is available the dealer will make this recommendation. If a more serious problem exists your dealer will be able to diagnose this as well.

April 26th 2011

ZF Automatic Passenger car parts distributers

Dear Distributor:

It has come to our attention there is confusion in the field regarding service intervals and fluid recommendations for ZF 5HP and 6HP applications.

ZF has promoted lifetime service for many 5HP and 6HP factory filled transmissions. Lifetime is not clearly defined and each OEM manufacture has there own philosophy. ZF stands behind lifetime recommendation where listed in the vehicle operator’s manual. ZF engineered and tested our fluids to retain its characteristics through normal lifetime operating conditions. However, a spirited driving style, special environmental considerations and other individual driving factors may place higher than normal loads on transmission fluids. To assure proper operation it is advisable to perform a drain and fill at 100,000km/62,000 miles or eight years.

Due to the complexity of operation, high output of current engine offerings and the expectation drivers place on their ZF equipped vehicles ZF only endorses the use of ZF Lifeguard Fluids and parts or OEM approved fluids and parts. Fluids and parts not approved for use by ZF or the original equipment manufacturers have not been tested and may not meet the required demands. Use of these fluids or parts will void factory warranties and warranties placed on aftermarket transmissions remanufactured by ZF. The use of any fluid additives is prohibited as the result will unpredictably change fluid properties potentially resulting in transmission failure.

Some fluids previously recommended were factory fill or available only in the European market. To simplify obtaining the correct recommended fluids ZF now offers Lifguardfluid5, Lifeguardfluid6 and Lifeguardfluid8.

Finally there are some customers that feel the need to perform a transmission oil service as part of their regular maintenance. Changing the fluid more often is entirely their decision. Properly performed oil service will not damage the transmission. Most problems occur due to improper refill procedures, incorrect fluid and or non OE parts or with transmissions that already have a drivability problem. Use of ZF or OE parts and fluid is strongly recommended for best results.

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Hey Safari Dave I got my metal filter kit for $120.

This metal sump transmission kit is identical to the zf filter kit except its made by a company called alto here in the us. All for under $120. It includes the separate filter, all screws, gasket.

I got my zf oil from Atlantic British for under $20 on sale. 6 quarts.
Where did you get the parts from? And I assume you meant you got the ZF oil for under $20 a quart, not all 6 for under $20?
Why would the trans stop working after a fluid change? Thread has me worried now...
I just did my ;06 rrs trans at 70K miles due to leaking sleeve - had Aamco use ZF fluid. Old fluid came out "good". I did primarily for the leak - but it is relatively cheap insurance to do this - I figure I'm good for at least another 60K now - will be happy if my rover gets to 130K !
I am new to the 2008 LR#.
I am trying to find detailed help on changing my DIFF. fluid and hopefully my TRANNY. fluid.
I want to do it myself and pics would be of great help....
Thanks for any help

We just bought a 07' HSE. It has 100k on it. I changed out the F/C/R diff fluids already. The thermostat and coolant were done before we bought it. I have all of the parts to do the transmission but it sounds like a pain to do when replacing the pan with the plastic one(which I have). I called the dealer to see what they would charge for the labor part and they said $700!! Not quite sure what I'm going to do.
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