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One of my mates is an Oldham local and sorted a laning day out taking in Oldham, Mossley, Stalybridge, Greenfield, Saddleworth, Scholes and finally Holmfirth. I’m always surprised about the quality of some of the lanes in that area.

The weather was a nightmare and didn’t help me filming the day which was a shame because I was testing out a new camera and some mounts. We also had 3 new guys out with us, one in a Vauxhall Frontera and we were half expecting to be towing him through the day.

It seems to be a common theme now that my mate Clyde attempts to kill the Lowrangers cameraman at least once on every trip. Check out 4.20 to see him actually hit him this time!

Also first trip done in the Vinyl wrap on my 110. I wouldn’t exactly describe the lanes we did as overgrown so not an extreme test but not a mark on it and it all hosed off a lot easier than usual.

Lowrangers 4x4 Green Laning Oldham, Holmfirth & Saddleworth Land Rovers & Frontera - YouTube
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