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Land Rover Discovery Defender 4 0 Litre Engine | eBay

Almost $9,000 for an almost new 4.0 engine. Is the seller banking on sombody really wanting a factory engine or am I missing something?

From the listing..
"Land-Rover DEFENDER 4.0-Litre engine with 31.1 km since new. This engine has been taken from a 1997 factory R & D Defender 90 Station Wagon which we are parting out, with a verified 19.32 miles since new! No, this is not a misprint so please don't ask!

Other than us, this engine has never been in private hands and never driven or used by the public. The last image is the actual speedometer from the '97 Defender 90 we are parting out. Will also fit any GEMS vehicle, including DEFENER, DISCOVERY or RANGE ROVER (The last, with minor, bolt on changes) Comes complete with right & left exhaust manifolds, intake plenum & manifold, engine harness (this item alone, when last available, listed for approximately $2,000.00), all injectors, starter motor, front pulleys, front tensioner, and water pump, etc. While this engine is distruibutorless the timing cover can be changed to allow it to accept a distributor. Our research determines that NEW engines similar to this are now completely UNAVAILABLE. "
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