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'93 White LWB, 235/85R16, 2" OME, Bottorf bumper,
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Can't seem to get any traction on my other posts, so I'll try one last time:

I'm replacing the aftermarket stereo head with another aftermarket head. I've never had the factory radio, and I see a couple of wires down in the console that look like they're from the original harness, but were never spliced in to the aftermarket harness. I SUSPECT one of these might power the antenna amplifier, but right now I have no way of knowing.

The AM reception was crap on the original aftermarket, and the ant. amplifier lead was NOT hooked up. So I bought a splice harness to hook up the ant. amplifier lead along with the main antenna, but it will be pointless unless I can make SURE the ant. amplifier is getting power.

Does anybody have a diagram that shows where the ant. amp gets it's power, or can someone confirm which color wire in the original harness powers the ant. amp?
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