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HI guys, I have a V reg 4.0l v8, and when my hubby was driving it (all his fault!), the drive disappeared as he was pulling away from a passing place. the engine runs perfectly but we have no drive.
My Dad knows landies (mainly defenders) inside out and he hasn't a clue why it's stpped! There are no nasty noises and when we changed the ATF and filter (just in case) the old oil didn't smell burnt and was still fairly red. The display in the dash still registers the gears, suggesting that the XYZ switch is ok. Basically I am pulling my hair out at the lack of symptoms!

My other question is, we have the chance of a TD5 scrapper with a good auto box... can we convert it? I know it would take some jiggery pokery but we just can't afford the Ashcroft bill, or the shipping costs from ebay sellers as we are in the Highlands. I love my Disco, and I miss driving it!

Thanks in advance

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Are the driveshafts intact?

Are you sure the transfer case hasn't accidentally popped into neutral?

Is the shift linkage in place? The dash registers the gears based on where the shift lever is, not the actual transmission linkage.

Any engine codes?

Any strange noises?

I'm thinking some piece of linkage slipped off somewhere. However if everything is hooked up right I'm inclined to think there's some internal mechanical failure of the transfer case or transmission, which will more than likely warrant a removal.

The transmission from the TD5 should work - you may have to swap some parts over (torque converter, bellhousing adapter, flexplate, etc.)
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