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Auxillary fan constantly on w/o ac on

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Hey there.

My 04 disco ii seems to have the fans on a lot even thou ac is off. Just had head gasket replaced, water pump, grey tstat, belt done.

I swapped the grey tstat out for a oem one just to see if it was the tstat but now it comes on even more frequent. Temp gage inside the truck is in the middle. But the fans are always on. But not when turned off.

I bleeded the cooling system but still comes on after driving

Any ideas?
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There is a really good chance something is screwed up with the cooling system causing the fan to come on/stay on because you are running at 212 degrees and above.
As for the temp gauge staying in the middle, that doesn't tell you anything cause it will stay there from around 150 to 230 degrees, Rover uses a terrible gauge.
If you want help, PM me your number and I'll call you today.
It will nearly be cheaper to go buy your own scanner over taking it to a shop.
Why an Ultra Gauge, why not a real, much more veristle scanner like a Novva, like the 3130 that will do so very much more besides just sit on the dash?
Yes, the electric fan will spin because of the air draw from the viscus fan.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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