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DII: Land Rover Corporate 24 spline,,, different than the Salisbury 24 spline which is 9.5".

The DII axle is fairly strong & breakage is virtually impossible w/ ETC, extremely unlikely w/ CDL, uncommon but possible w/ LSDs/TTs. You'll definately need to upgrade if you run automatic lockers like Detroits or selectables like ARBs. You should be able to safely run up to 33" tires on this axle if open diff. Your best source of aftermarket axles on a DII, that I've found, is Great Basin Rovers. He currently has an HD rear axle for DIIs and a front axle in the pipeline. Rover Tracks is doing little if anything for DIIs. If the stock axle doesn't suit your needs, for more info check out the GBR website:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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