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Goodday y'all

Was taking a trip to albany,new york today for shopping ..I live in the sticks here in Vermont no stores but anyways I iflled up with gas and got about 10 miles into trip set cruise on 70 and shortly after and loud bang sounded like tire blowing so I pulled over and couldnt find anything?? Sounded like the bang came from center of vehicle under seats maybe?? Could this of been abackfire through catalatic convertor?? Went rest od 200 mile round trip with no issues and ran fine>>Water in gas>> I am lost here Any suggestions.. I always run 87 octaine always have with no issues Its a 95 disco auto :eek: with 52000 easy miles.

Thanks Eric
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On the Disco 1, you can run 87?

Mine pings on 87 something fierce.. and the dealer as well as the manual states Premium Fuel Only.. Which I hate since 87 is $.40/gal cheaper.
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