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I have a battery drain that is causing my 2004 Discovery 2 to die overnight. I have had the battery fully charged and tested as well as the alternator and starter. So next I hooked up a multimeter and started pulling fuses. I had a .38 - .50 draw with all fuses in and doors closed. Had a friend inside the truck with doors closed and he started pulling fuses. He pulled fuse 19 and the draw dropped to 0.00. So I feel like i have done some good leg work but now i'm not sure what the next step is. The fuse 19 is labeled to be the Wiper Motor - Front and Screen Washer - Front. I took the fuse out and left battery connected overnight and it started right up the next morning. I did notice that when the fuse 19 is out the dim light, key fob, radio, and probably more things are not functioning. Is this normal? What should I do next?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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