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Guys I am going out today to buy two Yellow Tops. I hear that wiring them in Parallel is the simple way, is there any downside to that?
and does anyone have a diagram....
I think you use one power from one and the neg from the other and link the other neg to neg and vise versa..

Oh by the way just got the onboard air in the truck, with a sweet inverter wired to a big fat power lead that I ran to the back of the truck...
It is great. I have a air tank semi portable in the rear, from International Tractor trailer supply. I will post some pics soon.

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Two ways of wiring dual batteries.

one way gets you double the amperage.

They other way gives you twice the voltage. And lets just say it smokes a hole lotta stuff.

If you are running extra acessories run a separate charging separate so the battery gets charged but isnt used by the vehicle.

Kinda like a trailer.

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There is plenty of room for two batteries where the factory box is, just remove the box, build a frame out of 1X1 angle iron, anchor it to the originial factory holes and wire up the batteries so you get twice the amps. If you have a winch, it runs much cooler and pulls at a rate closer to what it was designed.
If you want some picture, get back to me and I will e-mail you some of my dual battery set up.
Mike J.
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