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Hey everyone,
My rover is acting weird, but i think its the battery. When i start it in the morning, or at nite, or anytime when it is cool or shady, it starts right up, but if it sits in the sun for a little, even like 20 minutes, it seems like the battery is dead and just hardly starts up, but it sounds terrible. i was curious if anyone else had this problem. I am about to go out and just buy a new battery, but I figured I would check here first. Thanks!

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look into this first .O.K.



Raise vehicle on four post lift. Select 'P'. Raise lift.

Remove nut securing selector lever to selector shaft. Release lever.
Release switch multiplug from bracket. Disconnect from vehicle harness.
Remove nut and bolt securing position switch.
Release switch from selector shaft. Remove breather hose.
Remove switch. Refit
Ensure 'P' is selected by rotating selector shaft fully clockwise.
Engage 'N' by rotating selector shaft anti-clockwise by 2 detents.

Connect breather hose to switch. Connect multiplug to vehicle harness. Secure to bracket.
Engage switch on selector shaft. Fit nut to stud, fit bolt. Do not tighten.
Fit setting tool LRT-44-011 to shaft. Insert setting pin into tool.
Rotate switch until setting pin engages with hole in switch as shown.
Tighten nut and bolt. Remove setting tool.
Fit selector lever to shaft. Secure with nut.
Lower vehicle.
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