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Im Cattiva73,

FYI: I just love Discovery models...I dont have one yet but
Im planning to buy one soon maybe with a lift on it and bigger tires...nothing major just cool looking.

The reason I signed up in advance is because, before I start my search I would like to know:
- What is the best year for the Discovery models?
-Diesel or Gas?
-What and where should I look for before I buy and what is a fear price for a good Disco?
ps: I like 2003 and 2004 years but
Im open to suggestions from experts like you guys.
Im a girl and not too mechanic I'd like to narrow it down to the best good reliable year model.;)

So...Show me what you got and let the suggestions begin :p

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One key piece of info which is missing is your budget. Do you intend it use it simply as a daily commuter or also for off-roading?

If it is the former, the Disco 1 or Disco 2 (1999-2002) has better mileage.

If funds are not an issue, I recommend the 2004 Disco. It has the larger 4.6L engine albeit with a sacrifice on gas mileage. But the 2004 comes with a number of design enhancements (such as the Center Diff Lock, beefier roof rails, upgraded headlamps, etc).

Regardless, it is important to get the Discos checked up by a Land Rover expert (e,g, headgaskets, leaks, drive shafts, etc). The Discos are prone to overheating if not maintained properly.

Good luck with your search!
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