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We build bespoke Defenders practically from the ground up and wanted the best headlights to complete the look.

Ultimately, we ended up ordering custom LED headlights to ensure our customers had the quality and look they expected.

Our favorite part: these lights bolt directly into the headlight rings on the Defender, and include a plug and play harness! Doesn't get any easier than that. They also fit just about any vehicle that uses a 7" headlight.

(click each photo to see more detail)


We love the modern LEDs for both their form and function, escpecially the daytime running light halos (which come in White or Amber).

What are you thoughts? Did we find a winner?
What are your favorite aftermarket headlights for the Defender?

If you're interested in these lights, we're currently offering $100 off each set as a limited time special. They're available direct from our online store.
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