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replacing an indicator unit (£3 odd) turned into a voyage of discovery that:-
(a) the headlamp backing bowl was rusted to bits
(b) the bolts that didn't shear off were unusable
(c) Local B&Q 4mm bolts and locknuts attached the indicator mount and 5mm bolts and lock nuts re-attached the headlamp bowl (temporarily)
(d) the wiring loom fixing bracket (that doesn't use the backing bowl bolts to anchor) needs a replacement (large hex bolt and nut)
(e) and last but not least, I attempted to undo the wiring loom fixing bracket in the engine bay (incorrectly) and it remained intact as I turned it but now i have a penny size hole in my wing...

so, any recomendations for stainless steel bolts/locknuts (reasonable rather than B&Q inflated prices) that are in the 4, 5, 6, 7mm etc range?


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I am rebuilding a 1974 sIII 88". When ever I remove any bolt i replace it with either Stainless steel on gelvanised bolts. I never reuse the old bolts.
Go ahead it does no harm.

The wiring harnass is another matter. If you can not make it yourself it will cost a few bucks to have one made up.

In as far as the hole in your wing is concerned, it sounds like it is in the enjin bay.
No problem, Makes for weight saving, increased air flow, increased light into the enjinbay ect. in other words if it is invisible from the outside just leave it.

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Simple Fix If U Really Want To Block The Hole Two Penny /mud Flap Washers One On Either Side With 6mm Hole Bit Of Silicone On Faces To Hold Them In Place You Can Then Put A Clip On Bolt To Hold Loom In Place Simple But Effective And Cheap
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