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BG induction cleaner

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Got a used 2 can cleaner with adapters in great shape for $200.00 reg $400. Did a 2 can air intake clean on the 06 lr3 hse with 94,000 on it. I have half a tank left of the fuel additive treatment. It has made a noticeable change in performance. Don't have the hook up for the fuel rail. Can a guy get one or improvise? Everyone we could get a hold of said they just do the 3 can kit ($35) from BG for the air intake in the LR's 2 cans through the intake with the adapter and then the fuel treatment can. Said it takes a special tool ware the line meets the fuel rail. Has anyone used BG's engine flush before changing oil?
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#46 for the fuel rail but how do you detach the round stainless coupling that the fuel line goes to that attaches to the rail? Once you take the clip off you can push it in and it springs back out but I can't get it unhooked. I have the BG Chemical kit for the rail. BG guy said the MOA is loaded with the good oil additives. Thought i might do a BG engine flush just before the rail cleaning or during then change oil, 95,000 on the engine.
Picked up a quick connect release tool. Can I get the PVC and ignition capacitor from a Ford dealer? Whats the hot tip for plugs?
Dave, as always thank's a bunch. Its running real smooth after the BG in the tank.
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