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This is my toy. Its named after my lil boys nick name...RHD 300TDi built from the ground up. I am new to the Northern California (Walnut Creek) and would like to meet with fellow enthusiasts.
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Bidaloos origin

The pics are in a port in Manchester UK. I bought the rig in York UK. The landy was built on a 62 Series IIA registration V5 Document in the UK itself. It had been on the road as such for a while and I happened to come across it on a trip there. Bought it, had it shipped over and its registered as such in Ohio. Will soon be moved to CA.

300Tdi on a new frame with bits an pieces from D110's all over.....
Naaah not an original but a look alike. Pedro your right it is Liverpool . I think I said manchester erroneously in an above post !
Yup how can I forget Liverpool..
Its titled in Ohio. its registered as 1962 and its exempt. Not sure what its in CA ? Does anyone know if certain vehicles older than some years are exempt.
Its a diesel vehicle so does that make a difference?
any one know?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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