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Biggest TJM sale... EVER

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DAP has been a sponsor of for a short while and we'd like to remind you that we're active in the Rover online communities and always watching to see what you want or need. Serg has done a great job with the site and we're glad to be a small part of it.

Now- here's the deal. We are slashing prices on TJM bumpers, Battery Management systems and Staun Deflators to rock bottom prices. Some of our bumper prices are over $100 less than the lowest price I can find ANYWHERE on the internet. If you want a winch to go with it, we have 9500lb capacity winches for $695 and 11,000lb capacity winches for $775 as well. The sale starts Thursday, December 1st and ends ABSOLUTELY at noon December 5th. If you mention when you order, you will get some extra goodies with your order.

Thanks again to all of you who have clicked our link and looked at our online catalog at We look forward to serving all your Land Rover needs!
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PK082 - Heavy Duty Disc Brake Kit for D1 94-99 = $499.95

Not sure if that's part of the sane but thats AWSOME!!!! I'll be giving you a cal sometime next week Steve!
I wont be bale to buy my SR bumper until later in December so I'm gonna go ahead and purchase that brake kit from ya.
Hey Steve, how are you liking those Firestones? I'm thinkin I might end up with a set of those instead of the BFGs for my long trip next year.
01001010 = Designer willing to work for parts :wave:
Hey steve, I'm one of the people that found it quite simple to Navigate through the site, but one thing I didnt see were the Rear Prop Shaft U-joint conversion kit for a that even offered, if so how much???
Muddy Oval said:
Ya know- I'm a moron- we DO have the conversion kits in stock. Listed on the web page as part number PK114. $349.95

SWEET!!! My roto can hold on for quite a bit, I'm gonna get the brake kit before i do the conversion kit, and the SR bumper from John and maybe a few other goodies.......yep, got the X-mas bonus today but I'm tryin to control paying the Mantec Snorkel, so that should be in by the end of the week hopefully, and the bumper wont be available until 12/19 so I might be giving you a call for that brake kit.
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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